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Charles Skidmore

Charles Skidmore is Chairman and Managing Director of Minchem Ltd and Chairman/Director of Minchem HMP Ltd. A chemist by training (UMIST), Charles has been involved in the ceramics and related industries for nearly 40 years, including Podmore & Sons Ltd (Opacifiers, Frits, Raw Materials) and Rio Tinto Plc subsidiaries Mandoval Ltd, General Manager (Minerals and Chemicals Dept) and Zirconia Sales UK Ltd, Director (Baddeleyite/Zr Chemicals).

Trevor Slater

Trevor Slater is Managing Director of Minchem HMP Ltd and Commercial Director of Minchem Ltd. Also a chemist by training, Trevor worked in chemicals, paints, coatings with Nickerson Chemicals Ltd and then joined Mandoval/Zirconia Sales UK Ltd.

In August 2000, Charles and Trevor purchased the Mineral and Chemical operations of Mandoval/Zirconia Sales UK Ltd in a management buyout and renamed the company Minchem Ltd

Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson is our Operations Director Peter spent over 30 years working for Hepworth Refractories in Sheffield (formally known as GR-Stein Refractories) as their General Manager in Special Ceramics. Peter joined Hines Milling & Processing Ltd in 1994 and set about setting up quality standards for our products to ensure consistency and reliability of our materials. He has helped promote our company to both UK and overseas customers and is our technical advisor for any company needing assistance in the work that they do.