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Customised Milling and Blending

Minchem HMP Ltd offer a customised milling and blending service, as well as sourcing materials/minerals to meet customer requirements. Over the years we have built up a very good reputation for milling and blending customer’s materials, to their own specification, whilst maintaining good customer confidentiality.

In our individual blending services we have been able to offer our customers’ unique opportunities in areas of specialist technical ceramics and developed strong working relationships with our customer’s in advanced ceramics.

Many of the materials/minerals we have milled/micronised to meet specific customer requirements are listed below:-

Petalite (dry powder or suspended slop)

Petalite is produced from a carefully selected and concentrated Petalite, which is a natural lithium aluminium silicate.

Uses: Expansion modifier in ceramic glazes - used in ceramic bodies and in low- temperature refractories.
Bauxite (dry powder)

Micronised Bauxite is produced from very high temperature calcined Bauxite which is substantially corundum crystals with a mullite matrix.

Uses: It is a natural source of dense hard alumina for abrasives industry. It can be used to manufacture wear resistant ceramics.

Synthetic Bauxite (dry powder)

Synthetic Bauxite powder is produced from a blend of very high temperature calcined Alumina and 60% Alumina Chamotte.

Uses: Used to manufacture wear resistant ceramics and refractories.
Calcined Alumina (dry powder or suspended slop)

Calcined Alumina sand is a pure calcined alumina supplied to a specific controlled particle size

Uses: This product has been developed as a body additive to hotel ware products and for ceramic and refractory industries.

RA2.0 Alumina (dry powder)

This is a pure calcined alumina micro-milled to specific controlled particle size along with an activated microgel.

Uses: Developed for fine particle ceramics and refractory industries, especially low cement refractory castables.

Laminal (dry powder)

Micronised Calcined Alumina is a pure calcined alumina micronised to specific controlled particle sizes. This comes in a range of sizes: 3, 3.5 and 6.

Uses: This product has been developed as an anti-wear additive to floor coverings and coatings.

Zirconia (spray dried bodies)

Zirconia offers the traditional ceramic benefits of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, without the brittleness.

Uses: Speciality ceramics and refractory products.

Speciality Products

Fused Yttria fully stabilised Zirconia grains for production of very high temperature refractory pieces, designed for use in strongly reducing atmospheres.

Kyanite (dry powder)

Kyanite is a polymorph with two other minerals; andalusite and sillimanite.

Uses: Primarily used for ceramic and refractory products

Barium Titanate (Spray dried bodies)

This is a ferroelectric ceramic material, and has five phases as a solid, listing from high temperature to low temperature.

Uses: Ceramic capacitors

Copper Calcium Titanate (spray dried bodies)

This is a high purity powder

Uses: Manufacture of capacitor compositions.

Customised Speciality Mortar’s

Contract manufacture

Customised Speciality Grout Mix’s

Contract manufacture

Mullite (dried powders and blends)

Mullite is a high quality Alumina and Silica mineral with a low iron, potassium and sodium oxide level.

Uses: Coatings and ceramic kiln furniture products, with an exceptionally low dust content specifically for the investment casting industry.


Mulcoa is a low alkali calcined clay for consistent quality and chemistry

Uses: Manufacture of high quality fired and monolithic refractory products.


Feldspars is a rock forming mineral and are types of aluminium silicate, with potassium, calcium, sodium or barium


Uses: Used in both glass and ceramic industries. Other uses include cements and concretes, bond for abrasive steels, soaps, fertilizers, tarred roofing materials and insulating compositions.